Friday, September 25, 2009

Going Solo

I vividly recall my first ever food styling experience, I was second assistant to L.A. based styling maven Judy Peck-Prindle.  It was a five-day TV commercial shoot in the greater Toronto area, a different location every day - and I loved it.
A little while later, the same production company called and asked me if I would assist on another shoot.  Great! I was thrilled - a call-back.  A second phone call from them informed me that I was not going to be the assistant but the stylist.  Ahhh!!  I panicked, I fretted, I spontaneously woke up every hour on the hour afraid that I would oversleep my 5 a.m. alarm. Call-time was 6 a.m., we were going to be shooting under two bridges in downtown Toronto in March, and I was six months pregnant.  My "kitchen" was the interior of a cube van, setup with some fold-out tables, a microwave oven and access to water.  I got to work organizing and preparing the food for the shoot.  My nervousness subsided as the day progressed and we got the necessary shots for the commercial.  My fear of being the weakest link in the chain was all for naught.  It was a fantastic learning experience and, best of all, the TV commercial went to air!  This is "Moving Day", produced by Radke Films of Toronto.

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