Friday, October 23, 2009

One, Two, Three Testing

Creatives, or testing, are an exchange of services and a way to become more familiar with potential co-workers, checking them out and ensuring that they are client-friendly. Creatives are also a great way to augment one's portfolio, for the stylist and the photographer. I enjoy working on them time permitting, and if they yield useful material. 

For these photos, Toronto photographer Michael Mahovlich,, contacted me with a few ideas that he wanted to execute.  I have worked with Michael on several shoots, so these shots were all about having fun and focusing on our ideas.  The ice cream image is a compilation, I prepared the "chocolate ice cream" on the cone, complete with a frill at the base of the scoop.  Later, Michael captured a chocolate milk pour and drops, and then put the components together for the final image.  

These tests shots are very much what they appear to be and required minimal post work.  The above shot is of cardamom pot de crème, garnished with pomegranate and pistachio nuts.  It was pomegranate season and we liked the trio of  Middle Eastern flavourings served in a contemporary fashion.  The base of the pot de crème is a crème anglaise and is infused with freshly ground cardamom prior to being baked in a bain marie.          

The white chocolate & lime mousse tartlet was inspired by those beautiful tiny Key Limes which are sold in 500 gr. bags - there must be 15 of them in there!  I came up with a recipe and arrived at the studio with a few variations of the tartlet.  The setting adds context and, more importantly, size perspective to the shot so that the diminutive limes read accordingly.

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