Monday, November 2, 2009


Another All Hallow's Eve has come and gone, and surprisingly enough - without tears!  Maybe it is because the kids are just that much older, maybe it was because school and Halloween did take place on the same day - but whatever the reason, I was relieved.

We live in a neighbourhood that LOVES Halloween, houses go all out in terms of decor and the kids are really well received.  We had a few people over, the youngest was a seven month old bumble bee - though she was sleeping during prime trick or treating time.  

Of the kids who did go out we had a too-shy-to-wear-a-costume two year old, a 3 year old Spiderman, an eight year Indiana Jones-ish man, two eleven year olds - an Al Capone look alike and a camo SWAT soldier, and finally two thirteen year olds in bright pink Indian Princess get-up.   They actually gave out much more that they collected.
My husband started a tradition a few years ago with turning the pumpkins into tiki-torches.  A roll of toilet paper soaked in kerosene for twenty-fours hours provides the wick, and the carved pumpkin - the venue.  It is quite something to see.
I had fun coming up with a few Halloween themed treats for our gang.  I happened upon a bat-shaped cookie cutter at the Shoppe At The (Riverdale) Farm, and knew that I had to have it.  I made a chocolate sugar cookie dough and pressed in black granulated sugar and those tiny coloured sugar ball for eyes prior to baking.  I also made some severed fingers and decorated them with black nail polish, which was a runny royal icing coloured with black food paste. 
Our youngest told his father that he should really start thinking now about a better costume for next year because he has worn the same false teeth and wig for four years running.  Another Halloween has come and gone and fun was had by all.     
Thanks to Brian Summers, for the photos.

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