Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tiffin - the Ultimate Reusable Lunch Pail

Talk about the ultimate reusable lunch pail! Stainless steel tiffins are the carrying device and food container all in one.  I have one, made in Mumbai, India and just the right size for someone with a healthy appetite, or for sharing with someone who you really care about.
A friend of ours of Indian descent brought us a gorgeous lamb biryani for dinner about two months ago, and it was in a four level tiffin!  I was so thrilled: delicious, hot dinner made and delivered and all in fantastic containers! I also appreciate that they are not plastic, have stack-ability and the closing and carrying mechanism are all in one - brilliant.  Perhaps I will pick up a few more so that each of the three kids can have one for their lunch bag.  The foam quilted plastic bags available everywhere just aren't doing it for me.  They typically tear, the zippers break and I am sure that the lining is a breeding ground for all kinds of interesting science experiments - seeing that it is challenging to clean properly.  Here's to all of us using tiffins, packed full of our favourite foods - Indian or not.  Enjoy, FF.

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