Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Experiences, New Skills...?

For the past week I have been working in a small mid-town catering company which operates out of a commercial kitchen above the commercial kitchen of a restaurant.  The cast from "Glee" was lunching there on Friday as it turns out. 
Lots of heat, craziness and a wide variety of people who work there make it all into an interesting experience.  The list of tasks to be accomplished can be quite long, so much so that by then end of the day I can barely remember if I did it or not.  The other day my colleague was working on the fresh pea soup and had successfully put several batches through the blender when this happened:

In hind sight, always check that the blender blade and mechanism is properly attached after every use!  

And on Saturday, I volunteered at the elementary school "Fun Fair", coordinating the food & beverage area along with a few other volunteers.  This year, for the first time, we rented a Cotton Candy machine - because they just look like so much fun...right?  They are, but they are also a fair amount of work.  It takes a bit of practice and nimble fingers to twirl the paper cones just so in order to catch the sugar filaments that fly up in that large plastic dish.  Not fast enough to catch them and they land on one's arm, or in one's hair if they really get away on you...  I can now say that I have done Cotton Candy, and if need be, can do it again - just like volunteering at the Fun Fair.....
; )

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