Thursday, September 8, 2011

That's My Chicken!

It is pretty big, so I am thinking that you might have seen "my chicken".  The one used in print ads, tv commercials and large billboards for the Food Network's newest show called Restaurant Impossible?
My husband, Brian Summers, was the photographer for the shoot and he hired me, -as though he had a choice...  

The creative was sent by the client about ten days prior to the shoot.  I was trying to get my head around the gear that the chicken was to wear when I had a stroke of genius.  Out for an evening stroll I bumped into a few neighbours and they were walking a very small dog, and attached to the dog was a very small harness.  My husband procured a few different kinds of miniature chihuahua harnesses, and "Chester" our hero chicken happened to fill one out just about perfectly. (OK, a few pins were used in the making of the I would not recommend recreating this at home.)

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